Monday, June 28, 2010

Ovaries doing there thing.. but nowhere for the egg to go!

I realised today that I am having (or about to have) my first post partum ovulation - my first thought was "well I don't need to worry - because I'm single there is no way I can get pregnant!", then it dawned on me... I HAD A TUBAL LIGATION - there really IS no way for me to get pregnant now (well, technically!).  I feel strange knowing that I won't be pregnant again, that that part of my life is over... never again will I get a BFP, or have a first glimpse of my baby, or find out the sex, or complain about pregnancy-related heartburn, or cry when I hear my baby cry for the first time.

I don't feel sad about it, I don't regret it - but it does feel weird.  Might sound strange, but I feel a little more relaxed, knowing that I technically shouldn't be able to get pregnant now.  I have had such bad luck with birth control in the past - that I never really felt safe with ANY of the forms of BC I used.  But this time, with all pathways to the uterus being cut, I feel pretty certain that there will be no more unplanned - or planned, pregnancies for me!