Monday, November 30, 2009

She has her heart set on it.... please let me find one!

For the past three months, Gaby has been asking for a Dora bike, for her Christmas present... it is ALL she asks for - of course I haven't told her "sure hunny, you will get one", but it *is* what I am hoping to buy her!  We put money on a Warehouse Christmas Club card this year, and today, being December 1st, is the first day we're able to use it.  The Warehouse also have a sale on bikes - which FINISHES today, so I'm going to head out to the mall soon to see if I can find a bike...  PLEASE let me find a bike!  If I am unable to find a Dora bike, I don't know what the heck to do - except perhaps buy some Dora stickers & decorate a non-Dora bike, with the stickers.  I am sure she'd be happy with any bike, but when she's got her heart set on a Dora one, it's hard to not REALLY REALLY want to get her one!  They had a load of Dora helmets when I was there last time, so at the least, she'll get a Dora helmet!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa is scary? Is this genetics?

I noticed on Friday, while at our local mall, that Santa was due to arrive on Saturday at 1pm.  I decided it'd be something fun for Gaby, so naturally I told her about it, and she WAS excited.  I couldn't wait! She spent the rest of Friday - and Saturday morning, telling anyone who would listen "I'm seeing Santa at the Palms", "Santa is coming tomorrow/today", "I love Santa" - she even spent 10 minutes, explaining to Fluffy, that she (ie the cat) had to be a good girl, or she couldn't go to visit Santa at the Palms, it was about as adorable as it gets!

Saturday, midday - we arrive at the mall.  We line up in the line to see Santa - and are THIRD from the front.  An hour after we lined up, we finally had word that Santa was on his way - that he was outside the mall, getting out of his sleigh (which was being pulled by Clydesdale horses).  I heard the tell tale 'jingle jingle' of a bell being shaken, and then the noise in the mall indicated that Santa had arrived!  Gaby was looking around, trying to see Santa - and then she got the glimpse she'd been waiting for....

AND SHE BEGAN SCREAMING - and not in a good way!  Poor Gaby was TERRIFIED of Santa, and told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't want to sit on Santa's knee an she wanted to go home... I tried to talk her down, told her that I would sit on Santa's knee with her, but nope - it was not going to happen!  Reluctantly I stepped out of line, and asked Gaby "are you sure you want to go home?" - to which she replied "yes please Mummy, I want to leave".  The poor girl, she looked as if she'd just had the biggest scare of her life. 

As soon as we left the immediate area, she was back to her usual, happy, cheerful self.  I am not sure if it was all the noise associated with Santa's arrival, that freaked her out - or if perhaps she's inherited my irrational fear, of people dressed up in mascot type costumes.  For as long as I can remember, seeing someone dressed up in a costume, has freaked me out - particularly if I can't see their real face - I can't explain why I feel this way, but it sends shivers down my spine, and I have to do all I can to not let out some form of terrified scream...

I am going to try her with Santa again, later in the week - when there aren't as many people around, and when there isn't the same level of excitement, and noise - but I have a feeling she will be just as unwilling....

Poor kiddo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gaby got the vacation fever! (literally)

We arrived in Queenstown on Thursday, Friday my Grandma picked us up, so we could go and stay with her, in Wanaka, for two nights.  I presumed it'd be a nice time, a good chance to spend some time with my Grandma - and Gaby's Great-Grandma. 

Everything was fine and dandy until I checked on Gaby (in bed) on Saturday night, and noticed she felt a bit warm.  Presuming it was just because she was in bed & warm, I took off a couple of the covers, and figured she'd be fine.  I went to bed at 10.15pm & when I gave Gaby a kiss goodnight - she was even hotter, all over.  My spidey [Mummy] senses started tingling, and I asked my Grandma if she could see what she thought - whether Gaby was just hot from bed, or if she had a fever.  She felt her forehead and said she thought she was just hot from being in bed, but got the thermometer anyway.  I took her temperature - and it was at 39.0c - 36.5-37.0c is considered normal, so she definately had a fever!  I took more layers of bedding off her, stripped her down to her nappy & then sponged her down with some tepid water.  15 minutes later the temperature hadn't gone down at all - and that is when I noticed a rash.  Naturally putting a rash & high fever together, I freaked out, and imagined all sorts of outcomes - foremost in my mind was meningitis, even though I was sure it wasn't a meningitis rash.  I ended up ringing the on-call doctor, just for advice - and she told me to take Gaby into the surgery & she'd meet me there.  Of course being on vacation, I didn't have any Pamol (tylenol for you American ladies!) or Ibuprofen, so I really had no way of getting the temp down.

The doctor met us and after examining Gaby, she determined that she had a virus called 'Slap Cheek', which is basically a virus where they get a really high temp, a rash all over - and their cheeks go bright red, and it looks as if they have been slapped... hence the name, slap cheek.  She gave me some Pamol & Ibuprofen, and sent us on our merry way. 

Luckily the meds worked.  At 12.15 her temp was down to 38.2c, and by 2am, it was down to 37.1c... I still didn't sleep very well - I can't help but worry when Gaby is sick!  Especially when it comes on so suddenly.

Three days later she seems to be better.  The rash is mostly gone, and she no longer has a fever... thank goodness.

Lesson learnt:  when going on holiday with a child, always take a supply of Pamol or Ibuprofen, in case of fever, or other complaint!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We officially have a fetus!

I'm 9w0d today, therefore our baby has graduated from embryo, to fetus!  It's probably silly that I'm excited about it, but I can't help myself - because it means we've passed another milestone!!!!!  According to the 'the bump' website, baby is around the same size as an olive... I don't know how accurate that is, but it's cool to have something to picture in my mind, for comparison!

I am feeling a bit more positive about the pregnancy now, I guess because we've had two positive ultrasounds - I probably won't ever feel 100% convinced that all will be okay, but for the time being, I'm going with the flow, and being the best incubator that I can be!  My symptoms seem to have settled down, I'm not really getting morning sickness anymore - I have a few bouts of nausea here and there, but I'm not vomitting each day - which is nice.  My breasts are pretty much constantly sore though - which is providing a lot of reassurance for me, and at the same time, my fatigue is 10x worse than it was a week or two ago... I don't mind though - I can handle fatigue!  Prefer it to morning sickness, any day!

Gaby & I head for Queenstown tomorrow, and I can't wait - but I still have all our packing to do today!!  It's raining, so my plans for having loads of laundry on the line probably won't come to fruition - thank goodness for the invention that is the clothes drier!!!!  I hate using it, but needs must........

Monday, November 16, 2009

Countdown to vacation...

Thursday morning at 8.35am, Gaby and I fly out of Christchurch - headed for Queenstown!  Terri paid for our flights, as a combined birthday/christmas present for me - luckily she got cheap flights, so it didn't cost her an arm and a leg!  I can't wait to see how Gaby is on the aeroplane this time - last time we went on one, she was about 22 months old, so not really old enough to get excited about it.  But now she's 3 - and loves aeroplanes, and I'm sure she'll have a blast!!!!

Right now I'm trying to catch up on all the washing, so we have enough changes of clothes to take away with us (and enough to come home to!), times like this I remember why after every holiday I say "right, I NEED to keep on top of laundry"...  At least with Gaby being a bit older, I don't need to take quite so many changes of clothes for her, or as many odds & ends!  I figure all I need to take for her, other than clothes, is some nappies for night time, and her wipes.  I'll put some toys & books in her carry on luggage, for the plane - but I don't think she'll be too fussed about toys while we're away.. too much else going on!

Friday & Saturday night we are staying in Wanaka (around 1 hour from Queenstown) with my Grandma, which will be great - always nice to spend time with family!  Gaby doesn't get to see her too often, so any time we get to spend with her, is special.  We'll also get to see my cousin, Stacey, while we are in Wanaka - she is newly engaged, so I have some bling to inspect!!!!!!! 

I hope Gaby behaves well - I know that people don't EXPECT her to be an angel, but I always feel somewhat guilty when we go to someones house, and she acts up.  I'm sure that it bothers *me* more than it bothers anyone else, and I'm thinking it's a normal part of being a parent. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got the reassurance I needed!

Re-introducing, Baby McCook!

the u/s tech put the probe on my abdomen & pretty much straight away said "I can see a baby" - and then she wiggled it a bit & said "and there is the heartbeat"... POUNDS of anxiety floated off me, at hearing those words!  We didn't get a very extensive u/s - I guess because it was just to check that baby was okay... but we did get a few pictures.  Bubs heartbeat was averaging around 167bpm, and she measured 1.65cm in length - 1.35cm longer than the last time we had a scan!!!  It's great to know our baby is growing as she should be!  I also had my first visit with my regular m/w today (last time we saw her backup), and she has given me the form to get the 12w scan done... now I just need to hold off as long as I can before making the appointment!  Next m/w appt is December 9th...

More spotting... another ultrasound scheduled

Last night I had some more spotting, and it was accompanied by bad backpain, I rang my midwife and she told me that she'd organise an u/s for me for today.  So at 1pm we are booked in for an ultrasound, and I am crossing my fingers, toes & anything else crossable, that we have as good of an outcome, as we did last time.  My spotting HAS stopped, and I'm feeling rather pregnant today, so I am hoping that those are all good signs - I guess that by around 1.15pm, I will know....

TMI ALERT:  I am quite constipated, and noticed the spotting last night after I had tried to.. relieve... my poor intestines, so I'm wondering if the spotting was related to all that... 'effort'.  As for the back pain, it WAS sore before the spotting etc occurred so hopefully it isn't actually related at all... it feels like sciatica today, so perhaps it's just the beginnings of my pregnancy back pain.  From memory it started around this point with Gaby. 

I am trying my hardest to think positive, and to not stress too much - and I think I'm somewhat accomplishing it, mostly because of what happened with my last bout of spotting - we had a great u/s & saw baby & the heartbeat... and this spotting is even less than last time....

I guess I'll be updating this later today, hopefully with 8w1d u/s pics!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

really excited about Christmas!

I've always liked Christmas - but this year, I have a feeling the whole experience is going to be extra special.. because of Gaby!  This year Gaby KNOWS who Santa is, and what he's 'all about' (ie presents!) - and everyday she tells me "it's almost Christmas", and talks about what she is going to ask Santa for, and that she needs to be a good girl for Santa to come... 

Santa is usually in the malls around the 9th December, and I cannot WAIT to take her to sit on Santa's knee!!  Last year I took her, but she SCREAMED when it came time to sit on his knee, so it was a bit of a fizzer - but I think this year she will be more than happy to go and sit on Santa's knee & tell him she wants "lots of Dora stuff"!  We are also going to take her to the big Santa parade this year as well - and I can't wait!  It's always on the first Sunday of December, and Sunday is Stu's day to have her, so I was kind of upset that I couldn't take her...  So I decided to just be straight up & ask if he minded if I took her this year - I did tell him if he wanted to - that seeing Sunday is 'his' day, that he could just take her... but luckily for me, he thought it would be best if I took her (ie. it'd be too much responsibility for him to keep an eye on her for that whole time).

We are going to get her a bike for Christmas, and I can't wait to see her face when we give it to her - it's going to be priceless (I hope!).  I found the bike I wanted to get her, last week - and as soon as Dec 1st rolls around (and we can use our Christmas Club card), I will be going out to buy it, before anyone else takes it!  Of course it's a Dora one, and I noticed they have Dora helmets as well - so she should get her wish of "lots of Dora stuff"...  It was really freaky when we were at K-Mart last week & she hopped on the 2 wheeler & rode off... I expected her to need some help to get going, but nope - it seemed to come naturally to her!  That said, I am thinking that she may have a bike at her father's house, which would make sense as to why she was so confident on it!

By the time Christmas rolls around, I will be in the 2nd trimester, and hope to be feeling a bit more alive, and like my old self.  I really don't want to be puking all Christmas day - or falling asleep by lunchtime!  We should get our 12w u/s in the first half of December - and I just hope that we get a good result - I keep getting worried that I've had a missed miscarriage, though I know that I have no reason to think that.  I still have my symptoms, and surely if I had had a missed m/c, my symptoms would have gone away.  Either way, by Christmas we'll know what is going on with our bubs, and hopefully it will be a joyful day, knowing that my big girl is happy & healthy - and being spoilt rotten, and that my little bubba is growing safely inside my belly!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Night-time dryness training.....

I would love for Gaby to be out of nappies completely, by the time this bub arrives... at the moment she is only in them at night, so it isn't too bad - but at the moment her morning nappy removal strongly disagrees with my morning sickness, and always sets me running for the bathroom!  

I've noticed Gaby wakes up around 1.30am, so I asked her today if it is because she needs to do wees or poos, and she said it is... I'm not sure if it REALLY is or not, but after her saying that, I went & bought her some Pull Up's, and told her that if she wakes up in the middle of the night to do wees or poos, that she can go to the toilet & do it, that she doesn't NEED to do it in her nappy.  She seemed to like the idea when we were talking about it - I made it clear that it is FINE if she doesn't wake up to go, and goes in her nappy (well, her Pull Up!), I also told her that if she wants me to take her to the toilet, that is fine as well - and that she can wake me up whenever she wants to.

I have no idea if this is going to work or not - she hasn't REALLY shown signs of being ready for night training - ie she is still waking up with wet, dirty nappies - but i thought it was worth a shot, if the reason she is going in her nappy, is because she thinks she HAS to at night time.  It's all she's known since she was born, so I think it makes sense! 

Yesterday I reached the 7w0d mark in my pregnancy - it always makes me feel good to know that another week has passed - especially in the first trimester... Right now I am concentrating on week-by-week, but the ultimate 'focus point' right now, is definately making the 12w mark, and having our 12w u/s & seeing a living, moving fetus....  My breasts have gotten really sore the last two days, so I am hoping that is a good sign that things are still going well in there!

Gosh, if I'm 7w now, and will be scheduled for a c/s around 38w, that means there is only around 31w of this pregnancy to go!!!!!!!  Now, THAT sounds good!

~stick little bean, stick~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I pulled 'the Santa card'!!!

Gaby's behaviour lately has been VERY challenging (when she's not being adorable, she's being a devil) - and I haven't really known how to deal with it - except using timeout - and that just doesn't work now...  I was stupid and gave her the option of tidying up her books, or going to timeout - and she chose timeout.. of course!  We're slowly getting on top of it, but when we take 2 steps forward, we seem to take another 1-5 back, and it's all getting a bit frustrating.

Bedtime is the worst for us - Gaby does everything she can to stay up a bit later, or to keep me in her room a bit longer, and all it leads to is her crying, and me getting grumpy... part of it is that she asks for about 10 blankets to be put on top of her, when she's in bed - she has plenty of blankets on her bed, but she is always asking for the extra's.. I give them to her, then check on her 20 minutes later & she's sweating her little booty off.   I don't mind a couple of extra, but I don't want her overheating - and now that it's summer (well, spring) it's warmer at night.  Maybe I'm just overly paranoid, due to Brodie dying of SIDS.. I don't know..

Last night the usual bedtime rigmaroule began, but rather than give in to her 'demands', I put all the blankets away, and told her she was to have one extra blanket.  I tried to explain to her that too many blankets can make you too hot, and you can get sick, but I think she just thought I was being mean.  She kept grizzling & that's when it dawned on me.... Gaby knows who Santa is & what he's all about - so I could start using the 'if you're not a good girl, Santa won't come' threat....  I did it.  I felt mean doing it.  But it worked!  She stopped grizzling, stopped crying, stopped whining.  I explained to her about Santa's good vs bad lists, and that he's ALWAYS watching - and to be honest, I think that scared the bad behaviour out of her!  We got up this morning & she put away all her toys that were on the floor, and has used manners whenever she's spoken to me...

Could it be that for 6 weeks of the year, I might have the 'upper hand', as far as her behaviour goes???!  Wow!